Captive Bred Blue Tongue Skinks


​​Austin and Danielle

​We are a husband/wife team with a serious passion for blue tongues. Austin has been keeping blue tongues off and on since he was 12, but we didnt get really involved in the community or breeding until 2010. Since then we have been lucky enough to get ahold of some of the most amazing Tiliqua in the country, with a very strict focus on health and vigor. The 2014/2015 breeding seasons were pretty incredible over here and we are dedicated to making the next even better. I dont really know what else to say besides the fact that we absolutely couldnt have gotten to where we are today without the help of some incredible people in the community. Id like to take this opportunity to thank a few who have been absolutely vital to our continued success over here.

James Bolar:

One of the very best friends that we could ever possibly ask for. This guy not only finds incredible skinks for us very regularly, but also drives up here (90+ miles) to help take care of our massive collection. Truly a blessing to have around. James keeps a modest collection of BTS, but also keeps and breeds some of the nicest Emerald Tree Boas in the state, some of his offspring will be available here from time to time. 

Ray Gurgui:

Ray is one of the most knowledgeable blue tongue enthusiast in the country. Hes spent countless hours on the phone with each of us talking skinks, and absolutely taught me a good portion of what i know. He has also sold me quite a few of my nicest animals. Ray is also largely responsible for keeping Northern and Eastern Blueys alive in the U.S for the last 20+ years. Hes been doing this since long before skinks were worth any money, keeping species and bloodlines pure.. Just because he loves them.

​Jeff Greene:

Absolutely couldnt have done it without Jeff. This guy is also an incredible source of information, with incredible animals. Jeff has always been around to give advice, and not afraid to point out when im being an idiot haha, a great quality to have. Hes a great breeder, and an even better friend. 

Susann Burt:

What an amazing woman. Susann sold me the Orange Meraukes that are pictured on the site. She also spent months walking me through the ins and outs of breeding them. She  an incredible friend. If you dont know Susann, you need to.