Scincoides.com Captive Bred Blue Tongue Skinks

T+ Caramel Northerns

These are a very odd looking group of animals with drastically reduced pigment and blue or black eyes. I have 6 of these, including 3 gravid females. Breedings at Adams place has shown this to be a recessive mutation. As for whether or not they are actually a true T+ Caramel Albino,  I cant say, but they are truly unique.

Caramel Northern Blue Tongues

Tiliqua Scincoides Intermedia

These amazing line bred animals were developed by James Wilson in 2002. He sold off his group of Caramels to a couple breeders across the country, including Ray Gurgui in Florida who has kept the line going for the last 13 years. I was lucky enough to acquire 8 from Ray, and 8 from Adam Chesla last year. I have 5 females gravid now