Merauke Blue Tongue

Tiliqua Gigas Evanescence

The Merauke is by far the longest species of Blue Tongue. Highly variable, easy to keep, and very easily handled, these are a reptile show favorite. Unfortunately they are almost never bred in captivity, which means that most available Meraukes are imports. That is our whole purpose in keeping all of the indonesian species. Someone needs to put the effort into breeding these things to help lessen the demand for wild caught animals. Fortunately in the last couple years a few dedicated breeders have put the time and effort into figuring out how to get them going in captivity, and we are hoping to duplicate that this season. So far weve had great success getting them to breed, but no luck getting them to produce anything. Here are some photos of meraukes that we either currently work with, or have kept in the past. We have about 20 adults as of right now.