Orange Northern Blue Tongues

Tiliqua Scincoides Intermedia

2 years ago I bought a pair of Incredible Orange Northerns from Andrew Seikes Sunrise/Sunset bloodline. Ive made it my goal since then to get my hands on the most brightly colored 100% unrelated animals. This bloodline has been around for a while and enough line breeding has already taken place, that i couldnt bring myself to breed my pair together as they are siblings. My focus has always been, and always will be on producing large, strong animals. Inbreeding a bloodline that has already been line bred for so long just wasnt an option for me. So last year i set out to outcross the bloodline as much as possible, and after looking at how my 2014 babies grew up, i like my own stuff better than the original pair,  So with strength and size in mind, im going to work on creating my own bloodline of orange animals. No fancy names, just big, healthy  orange skinks, Before anyone gets offended, this was absolutely not directed at anyone, nor am i badmouthing anyone who chooses to breed siblings, its just not the decision that ive made in my own group.